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I Am Your Favorite DJ: A Blip on the Screen

5.11.07: The Day The New Science Died

Seriously now, why don't more people ask us to play basement shows in town? I can't believe how fun this was. Just about everything you could want to go well went perfectly right at this show.

-The show was announced with a 6 PM start time in an attempt to get people to the show in enough time to get it done by 10, as is required at The Breakfast Nook.

-The show actually started at 6:40, as there were enough people at the house by then. The Jack Moves hilariously began their set without Dan on bass, as he was waiting around with a bunch of us upstairs. (It's my fault; i told him it could probably start at 6:45, and he was determined to hold me to that. Unfortunately the band was eager to start and decided to outvote him. He joined in during the last chorus of their first song.)

-There were potential problems with both the Sump Pumps and Louis Tully that were narrowly averted and became No Big Deal. In the case of Louis Tully, one of the guys couldn't get out of work and was stuck at his job until 9 PM. Not a huge deal; we just bumped them to last in the lineup, putting us third out of four bands instead. He managed to get there on time and they got a full set in before 10. And were great, no matter what the band tells you about their slightly sloppy performance.

In the case of the Sump Pumps, i called Rob at about quarter to six to see where they were. His answer? Stuck in Chicago area traffic. Crap. OK, so we bumped ourselves up to second in the lineup, hoping they'd show up by the time we finished playing. As it turns out, they arrived in time and seriously threw down with a set that included their smoldering covers of the Mega Man 7 theme, "Gates of Steel" by DEVO, and "Dare," the Stan Bush classic from the animated Transformers: The Movie from 1986. Goddamn i love that song.

And our set? Sloppy basement show good. My vocal mic didn't have enough cord to make it all the way to my left, where it normally resides, so i had to sing to my right, which is always weird and throws me off. Thus, all my efforts to practice singing "Science Depends on Us" by turning my head to the left in practice were for naught, and i still fucked up the choruses. Guh. But the rest of the six-song set was solid. We played "Defenstrate Me," "That's Almost Premeditated!," "Paradise By the Paulding Light" (which got a number of cheers when i explained what it was about), "We Got the Beat," and we closed with "Doubting Thomas Telescope," noising out at the end instead of fading out as usual. Yay! Short and sweet and solid and people dug the hell out of it.

But wait! We weren't done. It was only quarter to eight, a solid hour fifteen before Mark from Louis Tully would even get off work! "You guys should play more or there'll be a huge gap," said Corey. OK, fine. A rare encore! Sort of! We played "Black Holes Resonate (In B-Flat), Baby," and folks ate it up. We then satisfied some audience demand by playing "(This is) The New Science." Then, we played "(This is) The New Science" again. Then, we closed by switching instruments and playing "(This is) The New Science" a third time, and badly. (Corey eventually replaced the Wizard on drums, his drumming was so awful. I'm not one to talk, though, because my guitar playing was more like pawing at the guitar and making random pointless sounds.)

This met our intended goal of the night, as Danny K from the (now sadly defunct) Modern Machines walked past me and said, "now you never have to play that song again." THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT. I mean, let's not kid ourselves; we'll get stuck playing it in the future, i'm sure, but not for a long-ass time now. Our new songs are better anyway, fools.

46 people paid $3 each to come to this basement show. All that money went to the Sump Pumps, which is completely awesome. Forty-six people in a basement? For our four bands? Crazy! We even managed to make some new fans during the night, as a couple people had never seen us before. So perfect.

Seriously, Milwaukee, invite us into your basements more often, please.
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