I Am Your Favorite DJ: A Blip on the Screen (hotshotrobot) wrote in thehifi,
I Am Your Favorite DJ: A Blip on the Screen

IfIHadAHiFi "Minotaur Documentation Tour 2007" Day Two: 06.02.07 Chicago: Superstarcastival!

"Hey Doc."

"Yeah Rev?"

"I noticed you put the recap for this show over on the Superstarcastic blog, where you are a regular contributor."

"Yes. Yes i did."

"What the fuck, man? You're neglecting the HiFi tour journals and pouring all your writing chops into something not directly related to the band? Where's your dedication to the music, man? Since when does some blog take precedence?"

"Dude, are you seriously questioning my dedication? You? New guy? Fine, i'll link the recap over to our journal too, and just for that, i'm gonna add how you got all tore up on whiskey and bierce, Karaoke'd on Demand to some R. Kelly jam, and passed out with your eyes half open."

"Dirty pool, Doc. Dirty pool."
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