The Fucking Wizard (joshd) wrote in thehifi,
The Fucking Wizard

crossposted from my journal. neener.

After the show, I went outside to find the Madison contingent who didn't come in to watch us. I caught sight of pAt mAcdonAld, and went to go thank him for everything, having us up to play his shindig is always an honour. We talked for a while about the goings-on (me: "I would feel so weird if we were playing on the main stage." Pat: "Well, I do feel weird there, too!") and Pat mentioned that Jane Wiedlin had not heard us play "We Got the Beat," and that she was disappointed to have missed it. I said "Yeah, that's a shame. Shame, too, that I didn't actually manage to meet her..." At which point Pat said "Well, follow me," and took me over to introduce me.

I followed as told, and Pat said "Jane, this is the guy whose band does an awesome cover of your song...this is the Wizard." Jane said "Oh! The Wizard! Nice to meet you!" and I got all fanboy for a while. She explained that she'd gone to an ATM, and came back to find that she'd missed the song. "The five minutes I walk away!" So I went and got her the last copy we had of Hot Nuggets, and a copy of the w,w,c album to boot.

Jane then went inside to get another drink, while I stayed outside chatting with Pat. She met Dixie inside, and said "Oh, yeah, the Wizard gave me your CD!"

Jane Wiedlin doesn't know my name, and she didn't hear me sing a song she'd sung only hours earlier. But she knows I'm the Wizard.
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